Exporting your devices to a new market carries with it a certain degree of risk. Decisions are often made based on intuition and not hard facts and solid research. We help you reduce that risk by answering questions like this: What is the market potential for the next 5 years in Brazil? How many triple coronary bypass operations are performed in France compared to Germany? Is there a private insurance market in China? Every sales executive needs answers to these questions and TforG reports provide the data you need to make smarter decisions BEFORE you introduce a device into a market, avoiding potentially costly mistakes.

TforG uses a combination of primary and secondary research as well as our 20 + years of experience to process these results and provide our client with the clear and  efficient market intelligence reports. All TforG reports are researched and reported annually by an experienced team of market research analysts and interviews with respective stakeholders. The forecasts provide information about the stride and solidity of local economies and healthcare industries.

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