Understanding tendering in Turkey

Healthcare systems in emerging economies are some of TforG’s main interests and continuous subject of study. In our latest research, we analyzed tendering in more detail.

These are some of the general insights for Turkey:

  • A tender lasts 30 to 45 days but it can take up to 5 months to be finalized. If there is a change in the specification (rejection from the physician) it can take even longer.
  • Previous purchase prices and also price paid by other institutions are taken into account when creating a price range for the product.
  • This approximate price range has to be determined upfront, and in order to be selected the products of companies that participate in the tender will have to fall into that range.
  • After the determination of the price range, the tender would be announced on an internet site (www.saglikbank.com). A commission will decide which company will win the tender.
  • The commission to decide who wins a specific tender is composed mainly off physicians/users, procurement supervisors and the pharmacists.
  • The company selected as a winner of the tender will fulfill all the requirement indicated in the specs and will also have a price that falls between the range.
  • The process of setting the specification of the equipment is getting more and more complicated so physicians need to be well informed about the products.​