Hospital priorities are changing in Europe and Emerging markets

TforG interviews over 250 national policy makers, health insurers, hospital managers and business managers from the MedTech industry in benchmark countries in the EU, the Middle East and BRIC on a yearly basis.

The 2013 exercise revealed that the industry is in the middle of changes and reforms that essentially wipe clear the current strategy boards of Care Providers and MedTech Suppliers.

Governments are considering the overhaul of the full health care system to reduce budget deficits and deal with an aging population in the EU, or face a drastic upgrade to cope with the rising demands of an exploding middle class in the emerging markets.

Financial accountability is shifting to public and private health insurers. This drastically increases their impact on hospital budgets, clinical pathways and treatment selection.

The role of hospital management is changing every day. Professional managers, management techniques are dominating the way priorities are set and the way procurement is run in the EU. On the other side, political structures and ‘business practices’ remain untouched in the emerging markets.

Private groups are increasingly playing a structural role in the care provision in Western countries. In the emerging markets they increasingly serve the growing middle class or the lucrative healthcare tourists.

Manufacturers in emerging markets provide ranges of ‘good enough’ products that put a limit to what globally established players can obtain from the increasing opportunities. At the same time they are invading the EU markets and the price sensitive segments, bringing market shares, prices and margins down for the traditional players.

The outcomes of this yearly market monitor on a country basis are available on demand in TforG’s latest report:

“Hospital management priorities in the EU and the Emerging markets”