A new baseline for the TforG surgical procedures databank

Perhaps one of the products that TforG direct is best known for is our Surgical Procedures Databank, for which we have been gathering and storing data since we started business some 20+ years ago. Our years of research for this databank have allowed us to perfect our methodology, sources and given us the expertise to understand different trends within different surgical procedures.

For example:

  • In many cases minimally invasive procedures have slowly begun to replace more traditional open procedures; our historical data has recorded the differences from year to year.
  • In many cases newer technologies and medications have had a significant impact on procedure volumes.
  • Culture, economics, demographics and physician practices also have a high impact on procedure volumes from country to country.

TforG understands the impact of these factors and takes them into account when creating our databanks.

The TforG methodology makes use of a combination of primary and secondary research to establish our end figures. The primary research  phase for TforG – Direct products makes use of two of our most prized respondent groups: “The TforG Advisory Board” and “The TforG Hospital Network”

  • Our Advisory Board boasts both clinical and non-clinical profiles (e.g. central procurement managers, payers, buyers, GPO’s and ministry of health members) who have broad scope knowledge and are able to share expert opinions on future trends and country wide practices.
  • Our hospital network profiles on the other hand, are quite adept at sharing “here and now” type information. This network is contacted to share hospital level information and numerical data.

The combination of these two points of view, allows us to provide our clients with high quality information that takes into account different situations and contexts within the medical industry.

The data gathered during our primary research phase is then cross checked with information gathered through secondary research (i.e. MOH, WHO and OECD procedural information).

We are excited to report that TforG is currently working on its newest baseline for the Surgical Procedures Databank. Our newest surgical procedures package will consist of 820 of our most “client-requested” procedures and will include specialisms like Cardiology, Orthopedics, Neurology, Oncology, ophthalmology, urology and obstetrics to name a few.

To find out more about the TforG surgical procedures databank, please contact us directly.