What is working in medical device marketing – channels and content

Based on a large number of interviews conducted with a representative sampling of device industry insiders, a report by TforG for Encompass Content Solutions examines the marketing communications channels available to device manufacturers today.

The results from the report includes valuable feedback from senior managers in the areas of sales, marketing, and operations, as well as healthcare providers (from medical practitioners to hospital staff and administration).

Distinguishing between mature markets (Shift Markets) and emerging markets (Growth Markets), it is noted that, in both environments, traditional channels (specifically, face to face contact by industry representatives, including those on congresses and exhibitions), still represent the most important way to reach customers.

However, particularly in mature markets, the relevant target audience is broadening to an increasingly diverse group of decision makers – requiring device companies to consider the impact this shift has on content needs, sources, and channels.
For instance, “third parties” like evidence generating- and HCTA institutes have entered the decision making in a significant way, while social media still have a limited application, except in specific situations like large (patient) communities.

To download a free copy of the full report (CLICK HERE).