Local Advisory Board Network – a TforG Expansion Project

Local Advisory Board members are invited to act as a partner, in helping TforG Group understand the latest trends and dynamics unique to each country’s healthcare environment.

Participants can assist TforG by:

  • Providing professional opinions related to various clinical projects including (but not limited to): telephone interviews, face to face interviews, focus groups etc. Gratuity fees will be provided upon completion.
  • Reviewing TforG reports on topics related the local healthcare industry and provide constructive feedback and professional opinions on the content therein. Gratuity fees will be provided upon completion.

In addition, we seek local experts to participate in our “Local Media Articles Project”, which consists on the following:

  • Submitting at least two current local media articles (no older than 2015) every three months for the duration of 12 months.
  • Articles can be related to any of the following topics: Healthcare trends, Healthcare reforms, the local medical device and pharmaceutical market, hospital management, Healthcare news in general.

TforG Group agrees to provide Local Advisory Board members with the following:

  • A gratuity fee, in exchange for collaboration in our “Local Media Articles” project.
  • A copy of our TforG “Hospital book” as a welcome gift. This publication is worth € 2000 and contains detailed information about the healthcare system and market dynamics in Germany France, the UK, Italy, Spain, Russia, Turkey, Brazil and India.
  • Research results from ongoing projects on topics of interest to Advisory Board members.

The countries we are most interested in are: Egypt, U.A.E., Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Brazil, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Turkey, Russia, Australia, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Austria, Czech Republic, India, Indonesia, New Zealand, Philippines and Switzerland.

If interested, please contact Ritza Suazo by e-mail: r.suazo@tforg.com.