TforG Group and EmergoGroup announce strategic partnership

EmergoGroup, the leading provider of global medical device regulatory consulting, today announced a strategic partnership with TforG Group to help provide its customer base with quantitative and qualitative market research that provides a detailed overview of general MedTech market characteristics and developments with 620 Surgical Procedure Volumes for more than 40 countries worldwide.

The partnership was announced today to the occasion of the launch of the Emergo online store

Exporting devices to a new market carries with it a certain degree of risk. Decisions are often made based on intuition and not hard facts and solid research. MergoGroup and TforG now help reduce that risk by answering questions like: What is the market potential for the next 5 years in Brazil? How many triple coronary bypass operations are performed in France compared to Germany? Is there a private insurance market in China?
Every sales executive needs answers to these questions and the market intelligence reports prepared by TforG provide the data needed to make smarter decisions BEFORE introducing a device into a market, avoiding potentially costly mistakes.

About EmergoGroup

Established in 1997 to help US medical device companies export to Europe, Emergo has grown to become a leading consultancy with more than 2,500 medical device and IVD clients worldwide. Today, it maintains offices in 25 countries, offering a wide range of compliance and market access services. Among other things, EmergoGroup assists companies with global regulatory strategy, device registration, quality management system compliance, clinical trial consulting, in-country regulatory representation and distributor qualification.

More information about EmergoGroep is available online at

About TforG

Founded in 1991, TforG Group provides business intelligence and decision support to international MedTech businesses worldwide, with a unique focus on the medical devices/medical technology markets in a hospital context. With nearly 25 years experience and operations in Belgium and China, TforG assists more than half of the top-100 MedTech in dealing with current global challenges.

In addition to Europe, TforG now covers +40 countries worldwide, including BRIC countries and other emerging markets. In each of these regions we have a full understanding of how the healthcare system works, how healthcare is provided, the decision making process as well as the factors that affect the market attractiveness and accessibility. In recent years, TforG has expanded its range of services with the launch of its Business Intelligence platform, World Healthcare Scan, as well as the development of the TforG Business Intelligence Store, where many of our “off-the-shelf” products are available.

For further information please contact Bart Van den Mooter, CEO TforG Group, on +3232016401 or