Does TforG offer MedTech companies a workable solution for the European markets under pressure?

On May 20th, London was the guest city for TforG’s launch of a series of workshops discussing the difficult market context in Europe and how potential solutions can assist providers to better absorb the changes.

The starting point and assumption is that nowadays products or devices do not compete at a single point in the patient treatment, but rather, that they have become part of a process; more specifically, part of a care delivery chain.
The workshops tackle issues such as:

  • Optimization of care processes
  • Facilitation of fast tracking
  • Reduction of time to diagnosis
  • Integration of expertise between hospitals and administrations
  • The role and limits of external influences (payers, HTA, guidelines, central purchasing etc.)
  • Anticipation of competing and game-changing technologies

TforG invites respected speakers coming from different angles in healthcare: care providers, Central Purchasing Organizations, Health Insurance companies, etc.
From its side, TforG presents its Business Intelligence-tool that supports MedTech suppliers in dealing with new challenges and change management: the TforG Care Tracks.

Last Tuesday, TforG invited Mr. Mario Varela, Managing Director NHS London Procurement Partnership and Prof Sebastian Brandner, Professor and Chair of Neuropathology.

Mario Varela
Mario Varela

Mr. Varela presented the role and challenges of his organization in the containment of the health care costs in the NHS hospitals. He specifically expanded on sharing and integrating the efforts, expertise and processes between hospitals and purchase organizations in the NHS. The limitations of centralization were also discussed.

Professor Brandner presented a project developed by his team using digital pathology and automated diagnostics to reduce the time to diagnosis and time to provide treatment for the patient.

Finally, Bart Ongena, VP Business Development at TforG, presented the TforG Care Track, a web based tool, providing the overview of patient pathways, bottlenecks, stakeholders, etc.

Sebastian Brandner
Sebastian Brandner

He presented a number of cases in which the TforG Care Track tool has assisted MedTech companies in applications, such as: design of go-to-market models, reduction of patient access time, positioning of new technologies, profiling of potential partners, etc.

The discussions between the participants and the speakers confirmed that the topics addressed are of major importance for the MedTech companies: the impact of reimbursement-rules on product positioning, the role of HTA in the go-to-market strategies, the market disturbance caused by over-centralized purchasing, etc.

About Bart Van den Mooter

Bart is the founder of TforG and works closely together with over 50 global companies such as Abbott, Baxter, GE, J&J, Medtronic, Philips, Stryker and Covidien. In this function, he spends a lot time with Key Opinion Leaders and Health Policy makers in Europe and in Emerging Markets. He graduated at the Polytechnic University of Leuven with a Master of Engineering and has an MBA (Flanders Business School).