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In a turbulent medtech market, “evidence-based decision making” has become a standard practice. Clinical pathways and treatment scenarios change rapidly, pressured by new technologies and methodologies. Even more so, they are pressured by different reimbursement rules, by the increasing intervention of healthcare insurers, and by the shifts in priorities of hospital managers, who are seeking to reduce costs, move patients faster out of hospitals, amongst other factors.

Emerging markets have generate new opportunities as well as new competitors. Traditional market leaders have a hard time competing against each other, but also have to face the low-cost newcomers. Today, business managers need immediate access to accurate, up-to-date and relevant information and data, in order to take the right decisions.

To address this need, in 2011 TforG started to build its BI platform. RESPONDER was introduced in 2013 and contains relevant information on healthcare systems, procedures and patient flows in the EU Big5, BRIC and in Turkey.

Three years later the next generation came to the market. The WHS (World Healthcare Scan) which extended the content scope of RESPONDER to 40 countries worldwide. In 2016, 90% of the subscribers of WHS decided to extend their license to 2017.

Today we proudly announce that TforG takes a new step into the future of business intelligence with myToolsforGrowth. It is the latest in the family of TforG platforms, which will provide a full range of new benefits to its users.

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myToolsforGrowth visual analytics
myToolsforGrowth visual analytics

myToolsforGrowth allows you to process the available data in the format that you need and offers additional functionalities, such as:

  • Advanced visual analytics – impress others with data visualizations that you have built
  • Comparisons between countries
  • Calculations of regional aggregates

myToolsforGrowth covers more ground. Additional countries have been and continue to be added to the platform:

  • Comparable data for 44 countries, including the US and Japan (by the end of 2016)
  • Surgical procedure volumes, for both in- and out-of-hospital will be available (by the end of 2016)

myToolsforGrowth becomes the basis of your information window to the market: breaking medtech news, recent articles, and more, are available in the Newsroom

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myToolsforGrowth mobile view
myToolsforGrowth mobile view

myToolsforGrowth is ready for mobile use: immediate access to data during meeting or when you’re on-the-road

myToolsforGrowth improves the customer experience and functionality:

  • By bringing together all of TforG’s data and tools, including projects you or your colleagues conducted previously
  • Get data for your report, research or assignment in seconds
  • Share your work online or export it into Excel or PowerPoint

Overall it is the most performant BI tool for the medtech market available today. It is:

  • A single point of entry for you and your colleagues, containing only relevant information and data, readily available for sharing
  • By far the most cost-effective BI available today
  • Using the same methodologies and consistent formats for each of the markets that it covers
  • Providing information which is continuously updated by a dedicated team of specialists

myToolsforGrowth links data to customizable BI tools.

The user can choose to enrich his account with models which allow him/her to simulate their market context, including market sizing, forecasting, visualizing decision processes and quantifying clinical pathways. These models can be generated with the data available in the platform, enhanced with your personal inputs.

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