TforG on the Road again – Events and Executive Business Tour 2017

TforG will be attending EUS – Endo 2017, the International Live Course event in Marseille on the 28th – 29th September 2017, and the 25th UEG Week on the 28th – 30th October 2017, in Barcelona.

EUS-ENDO 2017EUS-ENDO invites worldwide experts on EUS and Endoscopy, who will give lectures and presentations on the last developments of these technologies: ERCP, ESD, Therapeutic EUS, etc. in live demonstrations.

UEG Week -considered the place to be for clinicians and researchers- combines worldclass scientific research, and will offer lectures from Key Opinion Leaders in gastroenterology.

25th UEG weekBoth conferences offer a great opportunity for TforG to follow the latest techniques available in the market as well as to strengthen its relationships with leading medical companies, so that it can continue to offer the latest and up-to-date business information to its existing partners and new clients.

If you would like to have a conversation with our representative on location, please leave your details here.


In September and October, the TforG executive team will be travelling the globe during the quarterly TforG executive business trips. On the agenda are a series of meetings with our international customers. The purpose of these trips is to stay in tune with the recent changes in the global Medtech market context, to build new contacts, and to understand the changing needs of our customers.

If you are interested to be included in the conversations, please reach out or contact us directly at +32 479 793 239 to schedule an appointment.

Nordics (Sweden & Denmark): end September 2017
Germany: beginning October 2017
United States (Chicago, Mineapolis, San Fransisco, L.A.): from 15th October 2017 onwards