Care Track

Get insights in how you and your product can add value to the care delivery chain

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The TforG Care Track – customized to your product – offers a fully quantified visual narrative and unravels any patient journey

The TforG Care Track is a dynamic and online tool that will offer you strategic insights. It visualizes the patient journey and how your product is positioned within this process.

The Care Track shows the route of a patient with a specific pathology passing through a country Healthcare system, and is fully customized to your product or technology. It identifies all strategic parameters like decision drivers, decision making units, external influences and existing bottlenecks. The Care Tracks provide a full quantification of the patient flow in terms of prevalence and incidence.

The information allows you to understand which choices are made before and after the usage of your product / technology, which bottlenecks can be suppressed with a new product and how external influences can be optimized.

Business Applications

The insights generated by the TforG Care Track are crucial when taking strategic decisions concerning your product positioning.

Some examples that have been successful:

  • Assess the impact of new product launches
  • Identify the need for a new product
  • Identify potential strategic partners
  • Identify suitable partners to develop a sustainable business plan
  • Anticipate impact of competition and new technologies
  • Fine tune clinical or financial positioning to increase market share
  • Re engineer and integrate workflows

When you are introducing a new (medical device) product or technology or modifying an existing one, the insights provided by the TforG Care Tracks allow you to support your go-to-market strategy and create value for your customer. They provide you with all the arguments to support hospitals in implementing cost effective solutions, overcome internal resistance, create benefits for tech hospital and their staff, etc.

VIew case studies
Business Cases - Aortic Valve Disease

Understand where and how in the Patient Flow you can create value and how you can optimize the context to make your offer more competitive

The TforG Care Track provides you insights on how your (new) product or technology can:

  • Facilitate fast tracking: shorten time-to-diagnosis or time-to-treatment
  • Accelerate the access to the patient
  • Increase patient throughput
  • Optimize the impact of external influences
  • Save costs for the hospital
  • Understand where and how to create value in the Care Delivery Chain
  • Support your customer to optimize implementation of your product
  • Identify decision points, external influences and bottlenecks
  • Tailored to your product
  • Pathology and country specific
  • Fully quantified

Use these insights to create value for your customers and support them in implementing cost effective solutions and create benefits for the hospital and their staff.