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Introduction of a new minimal invasive surgical technique (versus open surgery) in cardiovascular interventions

The supplier of an innovative new technology for minimal invasive treatment of the aortic valve disease used the TforG Care Track to require insights in order to determine their launch and go to market strategy.

The Care Tracks produced for a number of different countries provided the following insights:

  1. The referral process of patients differs from country to country, even within EU.
    A different approach to impact usage of the technique is thus required and needed to be integrated in the go to market strategies.
  2. The new technology came with a shift in medical professionals, from the cardiac surgeon to interventional cardiologists.
    The supplier used this insight to support the hospitals in overcoming the resistance from implementing the new technique.
  3. The Care Track helped them to prove that the new technique substantially improved patient recovery and thus hospital stay.
    The cost saving accompanying this change in the patient flow, became a crucial part of the go to market strategy, allowing them to convince hospitals in adopting the new technique.
  4. The quantification of the Care Track provided them with the necessary data on awareness and implementation of minimal invasive techniques in the specific countries.
    This information was used to determine the markets with the highest potential for immediate introduction of their new product; and in which countries the technique could face growth once awareness levels were up.

Insights generated:

  1. The new technique results in:
    – Improved patient recovery time
    – Reduced hospital stay
    – Shift from cardiac surgeons to interventional cardiologists
  2. Go to market strategy, based on different referral approaches per country
  3. Identification of countries with high potential


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Bart Ongena
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