Medtech Opportunities in ASEAN Medical Tourism Markets

In most ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nation) countries, medical tourism represents a third or more of private hospital revenues.
The magnitude of ASEAN medical tourism is of decisive importance to product and service strategies, and even more pressingly, to commercial tactics and processes.

Push and pull factors are determining specific obstacles and challenges in this market but they are definitely presenting a realm of opportunities.

When interested in entering medical tourism markets in AsiaPac, the key questions to ask are:

> what are the demands and medtech needs in this sector?
> how does one tackle market segmentation?
> what are the objectives of the stakeholders involved?

Critical Business Intelligence insights include understanding commercial models and channels, an appropriate products and services portfolio and a agile organisation.

Download the whitepaper ‘Medtech Opportunities in ASEAN Medical Tourism Markets – Finding the cornerstones of an effective marketing & sales strategy’ to discover the decisive elements when tackling market entry into AsiaPac’s medical tourism market and to optimize your medtech strategy.