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Maintaining quality business intelligence is becoming more and more difficult in an industry that is continuously changing.

Business professionals need market information more often
Today’s market context budget pressures are increasing
Reliable sources and knowledgeable respondents are difficult to find and expensive
Healthcare business professionals face global challenges and need global solutions

Our business intelligence platforms are the response to the increasing difficulties involved in retrieving quality answers for the health care community in today’s complex medical market environment. The platforms gives you immediate access to updated healthcare datasets, primary research inputs and industry insights, for better strategic decision making and effective business planning.
Each of our platform modules have been designed to address our customers’ specific needs.

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Reliable healthcare databases and information

Quantitative Information — Available for +44 countries

Get insights in how you and your product can add value to the Care Delivery Chain

Dynamic online visualization tool — Fully quantified — Customized to your product

Valuable data and insights in local markets

Digital downloads — Unique feature: surgical procedures — +44 countries