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Business professionals in MedTech companies often have a need for ad hoc expert insights in a specific topic without having to initiate -and spend big budgets- on full scope market research.

In many cases there is a requirement to quickly test a new idea, a product change, or even a new product or technology.

To avoid expensive decision making mistakes, and without the need for a full and expensive market research project, TforG now offers direct access to its Expert Opinion Panel.

Intelligence network

TforG’s Expert Opinion Panel consists of carefully selected contacts out of our network of tens of thousands of physicians including nurses, bio-engineers, pharmacists, buyers, hospital managers. Each of them is an expert in their particular field. We regularly cooperate with them for on-line, tele or face to face interviews.

You can now get access to these expert’s insights too through the ‘TforG Expert Opinion Panel Access’.

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Rules of engagement:

1 country covered
1 ad hoc topic selected
3 expert interviews
5 questions asked (1)
Support in specification settings
Delivery within 10 working days


Standard Access (2)€ 1.500 excl. VAT

Customized access

Additional country: € 1.000 excl. VAT
Additional Expert Interview: € 300 excl. VAT
Additional question: € 300 excl. VAT

TforG guarantees a delivery of a comprehensive report within only 10 working days of your order. This is how it works …

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    Step 1: Request Access & Define scope

    You submit an ad hoc topic that you wish to acquire insights on. The access request can be initiated by clicking the button below.

    Within 24 hours, a TforG account manager will contact you directly and support you with the definition of the correct specifications and questions.

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    Step 2: Set specifications with TforG support

    To increase the quality of the insights, one of TforG’s account managers will assist you to define the five questions and the relevant specifications.

    In this step the customer and TforG agree on: the optimal formulation of the questions, the profile of the Experts to be interviewed, need for additional interviews, countries or questions, …

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    Step 3: Panel interviews

    Based on the specific intelligence required, a panel of experts is carefully selected and composed with a minimum of three experts in each country.

    The panel will provide in depth responses to questions raised.

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    Step 4: Report delivery and debriefing

    All qualitative responses will be compiled in a comprehensive report and made available to the customer within 10 working days after the order.

    A TforG specialist will contact the customer to help interpret the insights acquired.

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(1) Questions must be singular and cannot contain sub questions.
(2) Standard Access includes 5 singular questions, 3 expert interviews per country, 1 country and delivery of the results within 10 working days. In case of deviations from these specifications, pricing can change and will be discussed with the customer. Prices for additional interviews and questions are stated above.

Reasons to buy

High quality Healthcare insights
Fast delivery (10 working days)
Limited budget

Key contact

Natalie Christie
0032 3 201 64 25