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Get data for your report, research or assignment in seconds.
Impress others with data visualizations you’ve built.
Share your work online or export it into Excel or PowerPoint.

Comparable data for +44 countries

TforG_icoontjes_rapporten_kleur-16Our field research operations collect country data from official sources and transform data into international standards using the same methodologies, validating with experts in more than 44 countries.

Cost effective BI

TforG_icoontjes_rapporten_kleur-14All the information you need in just one place. TforG Healthcare Intelligence provides you the latest and most reliable market figures in Healthcare and Medical technology on the same platform.

Same methodologies, consistent formats

Using our own methodologies and strictly following the highest international standards, myToolsforGrowth gathers comparable sets of healthcare data across more than 44 countries and 13 specialisms.

Competitive advantage through critical insights in growth trends

Know which markets are trending with which medical procedures, to understand what medtech is being used and demanded. TforG Healthcare Intelligence offers a complementary filtered view on surgical procedure methodology (technique) and within the providing facility (setting).

Single point of entry


We filter and select the most relevant market figures, organized by country, specialism or area of focus – eliminating the need to purchase additional databases, reports and other sources.

Immediately available

Save time on a daily basis without needing to search and qualify different sources.

Ready to share


Easy to understand, ready to share across your organization

Centralize all your business intelligence figures under the same intuitive platform, to easily share and process the same information with colleagues, create company presentations, company reports and more.

User friendly

Easy to use and navigate, with simplified formats to understand immediately what is being presented.

Personal accounts

Work simultaneously with other colleagues thanks to having multiple accounts and personalized settings.

‘One Click’ export

All figures are ready to use, available for export in Excel or PDF format.

Continuously Updated

Always work with the latest information available.

Our continuous field research and consulting projects allow us to measure and update all numbers and figures regularly, so you can stay on track with the trends in the industry.

Desk research
Face to face interviews
Focus groups
Advisory boards
Data identification & validation
Forecast modelling

All information incorporates the contributions of our specialized network of professionals, including physicians, specialists, managers and policy makers, gathered during TforG’s more than 20 years of experience.

Advanced visual analytics

People are visualizing data to explore questions, uncover insights, and share stories with both data experts and non-experts alike. TforG’s visual analytics reporting will serve as the common language.

Ready for mobile use

TforG Healthcare Scan is accessible on all mobile devices. Enjoy a unique experience, fully customized to your device and offering direct access to all your data and information during an important business meeting or while you are on the road.


Key contact

Natalie Christie
+32 3 201 64 25

myToolsforGrowth: The Next Step to Your Personal MedTech BI Dashboard

In a turbulent medtech market, “evidence-based decision making” has become a standard practice. Clinical pathways and treatment scenarios change rapidly, pressured by new technologies and methodologies.

Even more so, they are pressured by different reimbursement rules, by the increasing intervention of healthcare insurers, and by the shifts in priorities of hospital managers, who are seeking to reduce costs, move patients faster out of hospitals, amongst other factors.

myToolsforGrowth allows you to process the available data in the format that you need