TforG Healthcare Intelligence – Methodology

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During our 20 years of experience, TforG has been able to practice and perfect various methods of data collection, and in doing so has evolved to combine these techniques to provide our TforG-Direct products.

The data contained in this report was gathered using the following methods:

Primary Research

The primary research phase for TforG Direct products makes use of two of our most prized respondent groups: The TforG Advisory Board and The TforG Hospital Network:

  • Our Advisory Board (A.B.) boasts both clinical and non-clinical profiles (e.g. central procurement managers, payers, buyers, GPO’s and Ministry of Health members) who have a broad scope of knowledge and are able to share expert opinions on future trends and country-wide practices. A.B. members are from all over the world including the Euro-big 5, Turkey, Russia, China, India, the U.S. and other regions. Annual meetings and a series of executive interviews provide us with the necessary insights.
  • Our hospital network profiles on the other hand are highly qualified at sharing here-and-now type information, e.g. current clinical practices, the effects of reforms, opinions on treatments, and brand equity information. This network is contacted to share hospital level information and numerical data (i.e. prices, demographics, purchase volumes and brands). Experts in this group include clinical and non-clinical profiles (e.g. hospital administrators, CEO’s, CFO’s, COO’s, hospital strategy managers, and GPO’s).

The combination of these two points of view allows us to provide our clients with high quality information that takes into account different situations and contexts within the medical industry.

In addition, much valuable information is generated during over 80 TforG projects conducted on a yearly basis. These projects generate hundreds of inputs across a variety of healthcare topics from respondents with clinical and/or non-clinical backgrounds.

Secondary Research

Once we have completed the primary research phase we move on to the next phase which encompasses the confirmation or backing-up of the data gathered in the field.

During our secondary research phase, our dedicated team of global market analysts gathers outside information assembled by government and statistics agencies (i.e. MOH, national insurance funds, WHO, etc.), industry organizations, media sources, chambers of commerce, and other such sources. Published sources include newsletters, trade publications, magazines, and newspapers.

Our Experience

Once we have completed the first 2 phases of our research, our project managers will use their years of experience in projects and analysis of the facts, to put together the final package.


Key contact

Natalie Christie
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