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At TforG Connect, we are dedicated to data acquisition, to always deliver on time, with the highest level of survey completeness and quality. We provide support in complex data collection needs through the interviewing of highly specialized profiles and thorough understanding of the healthcare market.

Access to a panel of high level respondents and an experienced field team enables us to provide high quality data at a fast turnaround rate. Primary data research projects make use of two of our most prized respondent groups: “The TforG Advisory Board” and “The TforG Hospital Network”.

The TforG Advisory board

Our Advisory Board boasts both clinical and non-clinical profiles (e.g. central procurement managers, payers, buyers, GPO’s and ministry of health members) who have broad scope knowledge and are able to share expert opinions on future trends and country wide practices.

Yearly meetings and a series of executive interviews across the globe provide us with the necessary insights.

The TforG Hospital Network

Our hospital network profiles are quite adept at sharing “here and now” type information like current clinical practices, the effects of reforms, opinions on treatments and brand equity information.
This network is contacted to share hospital level information and numerical data (i.e. prices, demographics, purchase volumes and brands). Experts in this group include clinical (surgeons, physicians and nurses) and non-clinical profiles (hospital administrators, CEO’s, CFO’s, COO’s, hospital strategy managers, and GPO’s).

Key contact

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The carefully selected internal TforG Connect field research team consists of native speakers, university degree market analysts who understand the healthcare environment in each of their specific regions/countries of coverage.
This competetive advantage allows us to insource all data collection activity.

We support all common data collection methodologies and regularly carry out projects using:

Quick Connect Panel

We capitalize on our vast experience to build networks and reach some of the top opinion leaders and experts from across the globe. During our 20 years of experience TforG Connect has built partnerships with top opinion leaders and experts across the globe to support its database, online panels and internal knowledge base.
Our ever growing panel is able to provide information on many therapy areas and help to ensure your fieldwork gets the right start with expert feasibility assessments and exploratory interviewing.

Our team of Field Research moderators have direct access to a professional panel of experts, both in the private and public sectors, actively participating in the Healthcare industry.

The panel includes:

  1. Clinical stakeholders – such as Neurologists, Cardiologists, Oncologists, Surgeons, Gastroenterologists, Anesthetists, Pharmacists and other specialists.
  2. Non-clinical stakeholders (in-hospital, excluding Payers) – such as central procurement managers, buyers, Head of Departments, Head of Pharmacy, Biomedical Engineers and Senior Management.
  3. Payers and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) – such as National and Regional Insurance Companies, Ministry of Health, Health Technology Assessment Organizations, Reimbursement experts, National and Regional Key Opinion Leaders.
    Intelligence network
    Intelligence network