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TforG Decision Support empowers clients to make decisions better and faster, putting all elements into place to create added value and differentiate from competition. Through insights into the dynamics of the medical technology and hospital pharmaceutical market, experience in management decision making and understanding the needs and priorities of clinical and non-clinical stakeholders, TforG Decision Support knows what it takes here and now to be successful.

TforG continuously scans the shifts in the healthcare industry. Currently many Medtech companies raft on turbulent market dynamics amid a changing global business landscape. In order to assist business managers in the current market context we developed 3 support packages, each with a specific focus on the priorities at hand: Growth management, Shift handling and Product marketing.

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Growth management

Toolsets designed for Emerging markets in East and Central Europe – Middle East – Africa, Asia Pacific or Latin America:

– Market access: customers who consider entering an emerging market

– Opportunity management: customers who present in a high growth market and wonder what the true potential is and how to grab it

Shift handling

Toolsets designed for the Western European markets to help our customers:

– Consolidate: Defend market position and margins

– Change: Understand the new rules such as professional procurement, the involvement of  health care insurers, etc.

– Growth: Identify attractive growth niches in a declining market context

Product marketing

Tools designed to answer the traditional product marketing questions, such as:

– Market modelling customer requirements, clinical pathways

– Value proposition, brand performance, competitiveness

– Reimbursement and pricing

Areas of expertise

We understand through our projects what new parameters will differentiate products and services, create added value and justify premium offers. TforG Decision Support focuses exclusively on medical technology and hospital pharmaceutical markets …

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How we handle projects

All of our customized projects use the TforG Market NAVIGATOR, a proprietary project methodology designed to assist and optimize project flows and outcomes. Our approach reflects all the typical business decisions and planning processes of a company.

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