How we handle projects

All of our customized projects use the TforG Market NAVIGATOR, a proprietary project methodology designed to assist and optimize project flows and outcomes.

Our approach reflects all the typical business decisions and planning processes of a company to:

  • Help set priorities, optimize the briefing and defining the deliverables
  • Maximize the value of your project and the convenience of working with us

The Market NAVIGATOR identifies the Key Decision Areas which apply for the customer’s market position and matches them with the TforG Tools and Models that provide the optimal insight and decision support.

Key Decision Areas

  • Do you know the market you are operating in?

    This model is used in the following fields: Clinical Pathways, myToolsforGrowth.

  • What are your business options for the future? Evaluate your opportunities, limitations, core competences, resources, attractiveness versus the competition

    This model is used in the following fields: Market Access, Strategic Positioning Analysis.

  • Which segments will you target and which value proposition will provide a sustainable differentiator? How can you create sufficient value to increase or preserve margins?

    This model is used in the following fields: Brand Equity, Value Gap Analysis, POPE Analysis.

  • What is the value of selected segments and what are the growth opportunities?

    This model is used in the following fields: Price Platform Analysis, Go-to-Market.

  • Marketing, Sales and Service plans. Design distribution and service strategies. Market entry programmes. Price setting. Major Account programmes. Value Added Services.

    This model is used in the following fields: Price Platform Analysis, Go-to-Market.

  • What has happened in the areas customer satisfaction, competition analysis and tracking?

    This model is used in the following fields: Brand Equity.

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