Why TforG

Our services, skills, industry knowledge and global presence will help you achieve your business objectives.

Who is TforG?

Founded in 1991, TforG provides business intelligence and decision support to international MedTech businesses worldwide. Its unique focus is the medical devices and medical technology markets within a hospital context.
Our customers operate worldwide and face very different challenges in mature markets and high growth countries.

TforG recently joined forces with IQVIA allowing us to enrich our MedTech focus with IQVIA’s data assets and consulting and services capabilities.

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TforG - an IQVIA company
Distribution network

Market access network

TforG heavily invests in qualifying and organizing respondents, experts and stakeholders. These communities are made accessible to all our customers.

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Our innovation and customer promise

Over the years, our experience and interaction with different clients has lead TforG to continuously review the products and services offered with the goal of ensuring that we stay in tune with the needs and trends in the field of business intelligence.

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Global coverage and markets we support

Many opportunities for growth and development reside in the emerging markets. What used to be the traditional core business in the United States, European countries and the Japanese markets offer stability at best nowadays.

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