Market Access Network


In order to be successful in the MedTech markets, medical device companies need to provide superior value to the real decision makers. TforG is dedicated to providing them with information that can make a difference in their business context.

We invest time and money to network with those stakeholders who really pull the strings and to understand what they really value. TforG doesn’t subcontract. We concentrate know-how and skills in our offices in Belgium and China, but we make sure we have immediate access to the right people and information in every country we operate in.

This access gateway, we call the “TforG Market Access Network” and it contains 4 components:

The Advisory boards and Key Opinion Leaders (KOL)

TforG has created advisory boards and panels of Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) covering all medical specialisms. Yearly we meet up with healthcare professionals, CXO’s, CPO’s, policymakers, …

The Panels: Physicians and Hospital staff

Over the years TforG has build up excellent contacts with ten thousands of physicians, nurses, bio-engineers, pharmacists, buyers, hospital managers. We regularly cooperate with them for on-line, tele or face to face interviews.

Healthcare policy makers and Industry experts

To fully understand the local healthcare context, hospital priorities and national business models, we have access in all countries to a community of national and regional policymakers, payers, health insurance managers, and medical equipment providers and distributors.

The Hospital network

TforG has established in all these countries a cooperation agreement with of 30 to 70 hospitals (the BRIC countries: 150 to 400) of different types and in different regions. We typically call on them for in depth interviews, tracking projects, care chain analysis, quantification of procedures and interventions, procurement processes, etc.