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About TforG

Founded in 1991, TforG provides business intelligence and decision support to international MedTech businesses worldwide. Its unique focus is the medical devices and medical technology markets within a hospital context.

During our almost 25 years in the field of business intelligence, TforG has dealt with the recent global challenges the industry is facing.

TforG timeline
TforG timeline

TforG has always excelled in international projects with an initial focus on Europe. Since 2005, we have extended to the coverage of the BRIC countries and other emerging markets. We now cover +44 countries worldwide. In each of these regions and countries we have a full understanding of how the healthcare system works, how healthcare is provided, the decision making process as well as the factors that affect the market attractiveness and accessibility.

In recent years, TforG has further expanded its range of services with the launch of its business intelligence platform, myToolsforGrowth, as well as the development of the TforG BI store, where many of our “off-the-shelf” products are available.

In October 2017, TforG joined forces with IQVIA (previously known as QuintilesIMS). IQVIA is a leading global healthcare provider of integrated information and technology-enabled services. IQVIA brings the future to clients through Human Data Science and provides solutions that help its clients to innovate with confidence, maximize opportunities and, ultimately, drive healthcare forward.

The combination of TforG’s MedTech focus with IQVIA’s rich data assets and consulting and services capabilities will yield new, enlarged and combined solutions to help our customers improve their market position.

As we strive to deliver high-quality services based on our client’s needs, we are constantly changing our internal landscape to be more targeted and efficient.

TforG has a stable customer base, with more than half of the top-100 MedTech companies benefiting from our services on a regular basis, receiving actionable guidance for developing successful, strategic and tactical choices.

We make a difference by assuring superior accuracy of data, providing meaningful insights and reporting in a user-friendly format. We not only provide market data, but also information on business dynamics and industry trends that create real value for our clients.

Who are the customers of TforG?

We assist Medical Technology companies. We help them make their strategic and tactical decisions better and faster. Our customers operate worldwide and face very different challenges in mature markets and high growth countries.

They value reliable and accurate information. We have to be a trustworthy partner. Equally important they need to understand the dynamics and trends of the market context. They need a partner with hands-on experience in business decision making.

Our customers know – if they want to make a difference – they have to capture and meet the needs of the new stakeholders, such as economic buyers, payers, policy makers.

How does TforG help its customers?

TforG operates 25 years in this market environment. Many of the”top 100″ companies chose to work with us on a regular basis.

Here are a few of the reasons:

Dedication and integrity

TforG is committed to be a reliable partner providing the flexibility and result orientation. We guarantee our customers the results they really need, on time and on budget (TforG complies to the ESOMAR guidelines).

Global reach: with experienced, multinational teams in the heart of the EU – Belgium- and in China, TforG centralizes ‘reach’ and ‘know how’ for both mature and emerging markets.

Access to the stakeholders who matter

Physicians and even hospitals are no longer alone at the heart of the decision making process in the MedTech market. TforG has heavily invested in networking with economic buyers, hospitals groups and payers who are the key to successful strategies.
They will help our customers to find new magic differentiators.

Customized research projects and BI platforms

The need for business information is increasing. Budgets remain limited. Departments or individual professionals create their own BI system.
TforG wants to facilitate this process. TforG’s new business intelligence platforms help filtering and updating the info required.

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