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Bart Van den Mooter, Principle and Founder of TforG

Tel: +32 3 201 64 01
Mobile: +32 473 11 12 01
Email: b.vandenmooter@tforg.com
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Bart is the founder of TforG and works closely together with over 50 global companies such as Abbott, Baxter, GE, J&J, Medtronic, Philips, Stryker and Covidien. In this function, he spends a lot time with Key Opinion Leaders and Health Policy makers in Europe and in Emerging Markets.

He graduated at the Polytechnic University of Leuven and has an MBA (University of Antwerp/N-Western Chicago).

Bart Ongena, VP Business Development

Tel: +32 3 201 64 02
Mobile: +32 497 44 21 09
Email: b.ongena@tforg.com
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Bart is Vice president of business development at TforG and manages all major key accounts within our consulting and data acquisition businesses. For more than 10 years he has played a major role as senior project manager in multiple customized healthcare research projects in close partnership with physicians, healthcare professionals and policy makers, across all continents

He graduated with a Major in Finance and Applied Economics from the University of Antwerp, Belgium.

Zhen Nie, Director of China Operations & SE Asia

Tel: +32 3 201 64 24
Mobile: +32 485 89 98 84
Email: z.nie@tforg.com
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Zhen is in charge of Asian Operations at TforG, with more than 6 years of experience in project management and business consulting for local and international companies. She works in a continuous basis with an extensive network of Key Opinion Leaders and Health Policy makers in Asian markets.

She graduated at the University of Antwerp and has a Master Degree in Finance.

Eline Van den Mooter, Director of Operations and Business Intelligence

Tel: +32 3 201 64 24
Mobile: +32 471 49 55 23
Email: e.vandenmooter@tforg.com
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Eline owns and manages the TforG business intelligence platforms in response to the increasing difficulties involved in retrieving quality answers for the health care community in today’s complex medical market environment. She heads up the Operations team, dedicated to data acquisition and supplying decision support to international medtech companies.

She graduated at the University of Leuven as a Commercial Engineer and subsequently achieved a Master International relations and Conflict Management.

Liliane Van Cauwenbergh, Global Field Research Director

Tel: +32 3 201 64 06
Email: l.vancauwenbergh@tforg.com
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Liliane heads up field research for TforG in 40+ countries, supplying business intelligence and decision support to international medtech companies. She has 20+ years’ international experience in strategy development and implementation, general management, and sales and marketing in a business-to-business environment working in organisations active in trademarks, management development and property.

In 1978 she graduated as an interpreter at the university of Antwerp and has since further developed her competencies at a.o. Management Centre Europe, Ashridge Business School, The Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing.